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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Paint-Free Dent Repair?

Paint free dent repair is the result of extensive development, innovation, and continuing research into the repair of vehicles without using fillers and without damaging the existing paint.  These techniques have proven to be highly successful in removing minor dents and door dings and repairing hail damaged vehicles.


Those who accept the PDR technician challenge must have excellent hand-eye coordination with a high level of patience and determination.  Paintless dent repair is more than a learned skill; it is an art and craft.  Our training philosophy is a simple, systematic approach to a standard of excellence consistent with practicing craftsmen.


Making quality repairs takes training to learn the skill, and time to develop the art.  Performed properly, a PDR repair is environmentally safe, economically beneficial, improves the vehicle’s appearance and preserves the original paint, and is the affordable option.

How long has paintless dent repair been in use?

Actually, this process is not new. It has been around since sheet metal has been used on cars. In the early days of automobile manufacturing “dinging” was a highly paid trade.  “Dingmen” as they were called, removed dents, wrinkles and other minor imperfections from vehicles right off the assembly line, with no injury to the high gloss finish.

Will my insurance accept P.D.R.?

Definitely!  Insurance companies see the benefit of repairing hail damaged cars the PDR way.  There are no complaints of mismatched paint.  When performed by skilled technicians there is no evidence remaining of the damage after repair is completed?  The car is restored to its original condition.  Down time is considerably less do you can get your car back much sooner.  Also if there are car rental expenses involved these are greatly reduced.  Dent Clinic works with all insurance companies.

Is this process safe for my paint?

Absolutely! We use no chemicals or extreme temperatures.  Since we don’t disturb the integrity of your paint, it is preserved, and you have a permanent repair!  There is no risk of mismatched paint or fading that could occur through conventional bodywork.

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